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Vessel Closure Lock (Lock-G)

  • Nominal Dimesion:Matching
  • Nominal Pressure:Matching
  • Suitable Temperature:-57~700℃
  • Connection Type:Linear coding interpolation design
  • Manufacturing Standard:ASME/ANSI, API, GB, JB, HG, JIS, DIN
  • Body Material:316 Stainless Steel

Apply Condition

This type of lock can be applied to all types of vessel/access closures, in pig trap applications, especially where the closure incorporated a bleed device.

Product Features

  •  Applied to the circular hatch of pressure pipeline and pressure vessel, can be opened and closed fast, can realize fast opening and closing the end cover of the pig receiver & launcher, filter and other pressure equipment, can replace the blind flange of the frequent-switch pipeline and pressure vessel of the refining, chemical, medical, papermaking, national defending, water supply and drainage work, etc.
  •  Interlock system composed of key and other equipment prevent the risk of working conditions effectively.

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