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Plunger Valve

  • Nominal Dimesion:DN300~DN2000
  • Nominal Pressure:PN 0.25Mpa~6.0Mpa
  • Suitable Temperature:-40°C ~280°C
  • Connection Type:Butt weld / flange
  • Manufacturing Standard:ASME/ANSI, API, GB, JB, HG, JIS, DIN
  • Body Material:Ductile Cast iron, Carbon steel, Stainless steel

Apply Condition

Widely applied at water supply system as pressure management in the pipe network system (pressure keeping/reduce pressure & regulate flow); Used in water treatment system, control the flow precisely as flow regulating valve. Used in pump station as multi-function control valve at the outlet of pump, used at hydropower station, turbine bypass pressure control and ecological water discharge, turbine pressure regulating valve with fast open and hydraulic control, pressure reducing for turbine unit technical water supply system. Used at water storage system, as precise liquid level regulation and pressure control. Used in Long-distance pipeline as flow control, gradual pressure reducing, terminal energy dissipation, water hammer suppression. Used at Dam Drain, as terminal discharge valve, adjusting flow & dissipating energy, equipping diversion device at the outlet.

Product Features

  • Linear control, easy and reliable operation.
  • Low actuating torque due to pressure balanced valve plunger, easy and flexible open/close.
  • Perfect optimizing hydraulic model, streamline design, rotational symmetrical flow channel structure, good flow pattern and little vibration.
  • Multi-optional style, suitable to any differential pressure conditions, cavitation can be solved efficiently. With high pressure differential condition, cone nozzle design is adopted for long life and little vibration, more than 600m water head also can be adjusted.
  • Soft and hard combined seal structure, zero leakage.
  • Multi-optional drive actuators, including manual worm gear, electric actuator, etc.
  • Combined structure design, throttle components of downstream side can be replaced to accommodate the different working condition.

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