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CSV History

China Valves Technology (Changsha) Co., ltd. is a leading valve manufacturer incorporated with research, design, manufacturing, sale and service in China valve field. We have excellent management team and technology team. We possess the National recognized Enterprise Technology Center in China valve field. With full product series, advanced technology, strong R&D and manufacturing ability, we can provide comprehensive fluid solution for all our customers in domestic and abroad.


  • The company successfully won the bid of two sets of DN5300 mm, PN2.5 Mpa dual-seal inlet butterfly valve of Vietnam HUOI QUANG Hydropower Project, which broke the world record of the dual-seal hydraulic control butterfly valve.
  • The research project of "High water head and large-diameter water turbine inlet dual-seal hydraulic control butterfly valve" and "plunger valve" passed the appraisal of provincial science and technology achievement.
  • "Engineering Technology Research Center of Extra-large Diameter Valves for Power Plant in Hunan" project passed the assessment of Provincial Science and Technology Department and this project was selected as the planning project set up by provincial engineering technology research center in 2013.
  • The company established the Institute of Hydropower Valves and Institute of Control Valves which were both certified as the national enterprise technology centers.
  • The company organized the preparation of Valve Industry Standard JB/T1768-2012 Fixed Cone Valve.


  • The company successfully signed the contract of DN5500 mm, PN1.6 Mpa inlet valve with Taipingwan Changdian Power Plant of North East Power Grid Company, which was the biggest diameter counterweight type water turbine inlet hydraulic control butterfly valve.
  • The company passed the rigorous audit of national accrediting agency of high-tech enterprises and became the "Important High-tech Enterprise in Hunan."


  • The company won the bid of DN4300 mm, PN1.6 Mpa dual-seal butterfly valve of water turbine inlet valve for Tibet Pangduo Hydro-Junction Project, and started the application of large-diameter dual-seal butterfly valve in the complex plateau conditions.
  • The company revised the Valve Industry Standard "JB/T 1672-2011 metallic seal butterfly valve".


  • Equity transferred was implemented in the company, with the name changed to China Valves Technology (Changsha) Co., Ltd.
  • The company signed the contract of KMPCL6*600MW sub-critical coal-fired power plant project in India, with a total of 148 units, which was the export contract with the largest quantity and amount in the thermal power industry and included 32 DN2400 mm accumulator type hydraulic control butterfly valves.
  • The company signed the contract of 10 sets of DN4200 mm, PN3.0 Mpa dual-seal hydraulic control butterfly valves for GIBE III Hydropower Station in Ethiopia.


  • The company provided Shanghai Qingcaosha Raw Water River-crossing Pipe Project with 4 DN5500 mm, PN0.6 Mpa manual butterfly valves and 2 DN3000 mm, PN0.25 Mpa manual butterfly valves and Shanghai Qingcaosha Raw Water No.5 Ditch Pumping Station Project with 5 DN3600 mm, PN1.0 Mpa manual butterfly valves, which are currently the biggest butterfly valves used for domestic water diversion project. At the same year, the company signed the valve supply contract with Vietnam SONG TRANH2 Hydropower Plant to export 2 DN4600 mm, PN1.75 Mpa hydraulic control butterfly valves, which were the biggest accumulator type dual-seal butterfly valves produced by the company.


  • The company signed an order with Hydrochina Chengdu Engineering Corporation to provide Baishui River Qinglong Hydroelectric Station in Sichuan province with a DN5500 mm, PN0.7 Mpa butterfly valve which is currently the biggest valve applied to hydroelectric station in China.
  • The DN1300 mm hydraulic control spherical valve designed and produced by the company passed the technical appraisal of Economic Commission of Hunan.


  • The company supplied 8 DN2200 mm hydraulic control butterfly valves and 10 DN800 mm-1400 mm sleeve valves for South-to-North Water Diversion Project.


  • The company was restructured, with the name changed to Watts Valve (Changsha) Co., Ltd.
  • The company introduced the Polyjet control valve technology from Bailey and organized the drafting of Valve Industry Standard JB/T10675-2006 Sleeve Control Valve.


  • No.3 DN5300 mm main valve of Jilin Fengman Hydropower Plant made by the company successfully passed the flowing water test. The No.2 DN5300 mm main valve order was signed by the plant at the same time. The company got the order of large-diameter butterfly valve from Huadian Zouxian Power Plant and State Power Taizhou Power Plant, both of which were separately 1,000,000 kW generator set.


  • The company provided Taohe River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. Under Gansu Provincial Electric Power Investment Group Corporation (Haidianxia Hydropower Plant) with 3 DN4800 mm, PN0.6 Mpa metallic hard sealing water turbine inlet butterfly valves which are the ones with the biggest diameter now in China.


  • The company undertook the No.3 DN5300 mm, PN1.0 Mpa main valve reconstruction project of Jilin Fengman Hydropower Plant.


  • The company provided Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project with 6 DN1400 mm submerged sleeve valves which are currently the ones with the biggest diameter in China.


  • The company provided 16 DN2600 mm, PN0.6 Mpa hydraulic control check butterfly valves for Dongjiang-Shenzhen Water Supply Reconstruction Project in Guangdong province which would supply water for Hongkong, Shenzhen and along the line, by which our company won the title of “Model Enterprise of Electromechanical Equipment ”from Dongjiang-Shenzhen Water Supply Reconstruction Project Headquarters and got the “Luban Award of China Architecture” and the “Top Grade Prize of Guangdong Provincial Science & Technology”, and another valve of the same type was ordered to put in the Memorial Park of Dongjiang-Shenzhen Water Supply.


  • Counterweight type locking hydraulic control butterfly valve was recommended as the best water turbine inlet valve in the electromechanical volume of China Hydroelectric Engineering.


  • The company provided 26 DN1800 mm, PN2.5 Mpa hydraulic control check butterfly valves and 6 DN1800 mm, PN1.6 Mpa electric butterfly valves for Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project. The design and manufacturing level of valves was fully affirmed and recognized by the experts at home and abroad.


  • Sole drafting unit of the Valve Industry Standard JB/T 8527-1997 Metallic Seal Butterfly Valve.


  • The DN4350 electric metallic hard sealing ventilation switch-over butterfly valve was adopted by Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation, which filled the domestic blank and won the second scientific achievement prize issued by the State Bureau of Machine-Building Industry.
  • The company provided Pakistan with DN2000 mm, PN0.6 Mpa hydraulic control butterfly valves and electric butterfly valves which were used for 300,000 kW generator set for the first time.


  • D941H type metallic hard sealing ventilation switch-over valve developed by the company obtained the Fruit Award issued by National Scientific Committee and the title of National New Product. It has replaced the product of Japanese Showa valve Plant and being applied to Baosteel stage II 4063 m3 blast furnace Project.


  • The company successfully developed the first metallic hard sealing butterfly valve of China and obtained the patent.


  • The company successfully developed the first generation of counterweight type hydraulic control check butterfly valve and obtained the patent.


  • Changsha Valve Works was founded.

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